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Ethan's Gallery and Studio

Paint and Sip info

Ethan’s Gallery and Studio provides an immersive and fully instructional Paint and sip. 

We are a bit different from a traditional paint and Sip in that we are a BYOB-private party based Paint and Sip experience. 

Whether it is a private 1 on 1 lesson, date night, or a small to large group, we accommodate these kinds of gatherings!


Cost: If there are 3 or fewer people, tuition is $50 a person.

If there are 4 people or more, tuition is $35 a person


To schedule a paint and Sip, either fill out a form below (Gallery Button), give us a call, or even email us @ Based on availability, you may choose what date you wish to have your paint and sip. For the time, please keep between 11am to 5pm   


We ask that half of the total for your paint and sip be paid forward to fully book your date and time.


Finally the gallery below are options of paintings you can choose from; should you not find something you are interested in. please feel free to make a request for your paint and sip (preferably with a week notice).


Thank you for your time hope to see you soon for an Ethan’s gallery and Studio paint and Sip experience!

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