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Lorrie Timberlake

What is Paper Filigree or Quilling?
An ancient revered art form which involves the hand rolling and shaping of delicate strips of
paper into sculpted works of art. As a child, I always wanted to be a sculptor or a painter. With
paper filigree I get to enjoy both. A typical piece will take a professional artist approximately 40
hours to complete…although sometimes more and sometimes less depending on its
Rock Painting and Larger Pieces
Rocks and paint are such wonderful mediums to work with. The varied shapes and small sizes
allow for wonderful creativity extending from pure fun to mini masterpieces. It’s a joy to paint
little pieces of hope. More recently I have moved to painting much larger pieces and it may just
be my new love.
About Lorrie
I live locally with my husband, who is also an artist in watercolor. We work together at our day
jobs and have two children. I also enjoy singing and play the guitar and ukulele. Accolades:
Awards for nationally submitted competitive artwork, published in both the US and the UK, and
nationally accredited in the field of paper filigree.
A Bit of What I Offer
Personalized Custom Art Pieces, Giftables, Frameable Cards, Jewelry, Ornaments and more.

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