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Alita McManis


My jewelry career started about 30 years ago with humble beginnings beading. By chance I saw an ad for a class in Precious Metal Clay, and the rest is history. 

PMC is an organic clay infused with fine silver. You work up your design, and when it dries, you have green ware, much like a potter. The green ware goes into a small kiln, the organic clay burns away with the heat, the silver fuses, and you have a 99.9% fine silver piece when you’re done. There is NO clay left, only silver. It’s an amazing and magical process, and I love creating with it.

I also teach classes in creating with Precious Metal Clay. If you’d like to learn, please contact Ethan or myself for information. 

I enjoy  with pearls, semi-precious stones, and wire wrapping. Inspiration for my pieces comes from nature and the cosmos. There is so much magic out there!  I try to capture a bit of it in my creations. 

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