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I am a passionate artist with a profound background in ceramics, having honed my craft at CSU. My artistic journey has recently expanded to include the enchanting realm of painted wood. Fueled by a creative vision, I breathe new life into forgotten wooden treasures sourced from thrift stores and yard sales. Transforming these items into exquisite pieces of art, my specialty lies in crafting captivating Lazy Susans or spinners. Distinguished by my unique approach, I seamlessly blend traditional ceramic techniques with the vibrant energy of painted wood, creating a harmonious fusion that captivates the eye. My commitment to sustainability and repurposing shines through in every meticulously crafted piece, as I breathe fresh vitality into discarded materials. Currently, my artistic endeavors are showcased in two prestigious galleries—one nestled in the artistic hub of Arvada and the other gracing the vibrant landscape of Wisconsin. You're invited to immerse yourself in the beauty of my creations at Ethans Gallery in the charming Old Town Arvada. Join me on this artistic odyssey, where each piece narrates a story of renewal, creativity, and the timeless allure of repurposed art.

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