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Chris Shrank

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Chris Schranck is a Colorado artist living in Denver. He has been
selling his art work since 1999 and has shown his art work all across the
United States. He earned his B.A. in art with an emphasis in ceramics
and sculpture at Western State college in 1994 and then in 1999
continued his studies with an emphasis in painting and drawing at
Metropolitan State College. Chris does his art work out of his studio at
Neo Art Studios in Denver where he is the founder and manager. He
gets most of his inspiration from life experiences, traveling, nature and
other artists. Finding found objects and making them a part of the
composition is a large part of his work. Observing nature and what
nature does to man made objects is a lot of what goes into the focus of
his paintings. You will also see a great deal of texture and contrast. Not
only is his art work a great composition from a distance, but get up close
and see the detail.

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