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Lou Ann Summers


I love to constantly learn and I feel that shows through my artwork, as it takes an explorative eye of the world around me. Often portraying culture and landscape through my adventurous nature and addiction to travel. My subjects are as broad as nature and humanity are interesting, and I find new attitudes in my work the more of the world I see. I use a variety of mediums but my approach to portray the feeling around me remains the same. I try to spend as much time making art from life as I do in the studio. Each series or body of work changes in subject matter but my style and voice speak through the pieces.


I fancy myself a travel artist who loves wandering in the wilderness. Although much of my time as an artist has been spent producing commissioned art, recently I have found myself at a point of my career where I have shifted to creating work that I am passionate about. I have been returning to the work that I loved studying and creating in art school. As I grow as a human, I also find myself wanting to put more good in the world, so I started an Art for Good Project. Through this project all net proceeds from my art are utilized to plant trees, support conservation efforts, and clean our seas.

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