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Sammi Ichrist

Sami Ichrist Headshot 2.jpg

I’ve made art since my childhood, and it’s become a dream to leave the corporate world to be a
full-time artist. In the past few empty nest years, I have begun pursuing this dream in earnest.
Working in mixed-media, watercolor and acrylic, I love to explore vibrant and interesting color
palettes and I am more drawn to color than a particular subject. I tend to paint more loose
realism in watercolor and abstract when painting with acrylics. This keeps things interesting and
fresh to bounce between the two styles and mediums.
In addition to painting, I am passionate about teaching people the joy of painting. I am a firm
believer that with proper instruction everyone can create beautiful and meaningful works of art.
As a Christ-follower, I enjoy painting with God as my ultimate instructor and I give Him all the
credit for this gift of art. He is the greatest inspiration for continuing to hone my craft, so I strive
to steward it well. I am very much a people person so learning from and gathering with other
artists is an absolute joy!

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