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Annie Cauffman


Annie Cauffman is a storyteller who uses words and images to delight in the absurdity and wonder of daily living. She loves telling stories that are a little bit silly and painting pictures that are a little bit beautiful. Together, she hopes she can create a world for people to escape into… for just a little bit. 


Equipped with a vast palette of colors and a trail mix of words, Cauffman explores vibrant landscapes of light, shape, and bold design. In her work, she tells stories that navigate novel terrain, weaving together animated details with carefully considered composition. 


Since her debut novel (“We Play Tag”, hand-crayoned at the age of 5), Cauffman has done many things. To name a few, she has gone on hikes, read many interesting books, and tried a startlingly wide variety of Oreo flavors. Now, she draws pictures and teaches young people about how they too can draw pictures. 


All the while, she continues to search for new places, and for new people with which to explore. You look like you have the adventuring spirit… let’s go! 

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