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Dianna Whitlock

August 2023.jpg

Dianna Whitlock grew up in a quaint lake community, her Mom was a formally trained artist
that found her calling teaching her love of art to her family as well as to school children.
Dianna's early youth was molded by an outstanding swim career, a degree in cultural
anthropology from the University of Tennessee and a love of animals.  Her formal career was in
animal welfare and project management, but her passion was in her studio creations.  She
began making jewelry in 2002.  She happened to trade some unused equipment for a kiln,
where her love of fusing glass was born in 2008.  What began as a way to destress and enjoy
artistic creativity in her downtime is now a full-time career for Dianna.
Inspired by her love of the outdoors, Dianna is known for her ability to fuse color, textures and
patterns into fine art pieces.  Her experimentation with fusing different colors and their
chemical reactions is very organic in nature.  She is also known for adding pure silver foil to the
fusing process, which enhances the pieces with effects that range from subtle to dramatic.
When not in her studio in Morrison, Colorado, Dianna can be found enjoying time with her dogs
and cats, her husband and two sons.  She enjoys all of the beauty and outdoor opportunities
that Colorado has to offer.

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