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Ethan’s Gallery and Studio came to be in a very spectacular way;

In 2019 Ethan was helping the Light rail Gallery with their paint and sips, instructing them as well as displaying his art there. He was also working at another paint and sip business who found out he was helping the light rail gallery with their paint and sips, and there was a non compete clause the brought to him to sign the made it to where he was not able to instruct paint and sips anywhere else then at their establishment!

Not pleased with the demand Ethan put in his two weeks and decided to continue to help out the Light rail gallery. This wasn’t a full time gig, and only had one to two paint and sips a week. One day Alita, the owner of the Light rail gallery, told Ethan She could think of no one better to take over the gallery than him!

Surprised, Ethan was very unsure that he could ever run a business, do the books, pay the rent, and oversee multiple other artists. He simply replied, “let me Pray about it”

Later that night, Ethan Prayed about it, and decided “I’m not doing this, it is irresponsible to take this on with no business plan, nothing in savings, and so little experience to run a gallery. Then he heard God say, “I know, everything you said is true. But, do you trust me?”

From there on, Ethan was convinced through a scary leap of faith he was meant to do this. Next day he told Alita he was going for it! He later met the land lord and was convinced he was going to laugh at him and send him on his way, but if God was behind him, this would go just fine. “I don’t know what rent will look like for the first few months, or even the year” Ethan said, “But I feel God calling me to do this and I want to put my all in this and make it a big success!”

The Land Lord looked at him and paused, then he said, “Okay, well, You do what you can, and we’ll take care of the rest!”

Ethan was Shocked! But encouraged and determined! Taking on where Alita left off, Ethan changed the Light rail gallery into Ethan’s Gallery and Studio!

Mistakes were made, means of running a gallery were coming in manageable doses, and after a year, the Pandemic hit, Lockdowns were in place, and Ethan was, putting it nicely was very behind on his rent! The Landlord  gave Ethan a call. Ethan, anticipating him wanting to collect on a large 20k+ amount for some missing rent, which he did not have, Ethan nervously answered the call. The Land Lord instead asked Ethan if he wanted to keep doing this due to the restrictions of the pandemic, and Ethan replied, “If you are willing, I want to keep making this the success I sought out to make it! With a pause, the Landlord said, well good, I forgot to add the gallery to my tax report this year, and so I need to write you up a new contract, and in we are going to go ahead take $700 out of your rent each month.

Blown away, Ethan realized a $20K+ debt was washed away because the old contract was void, and his rent was cut down significantly! 

Over joyed in disbelief, Ethan Thanked God for this supernatural incident and this is what he heard God say, 

“Ethan, don’t think of yourself as more special, or more highly favored than anyone else, this is the standard of how I treat my children who trust me with big things in their life. What happened here isn’t the exception, it’s the standard.”  

From then on the gallery collected more artists to display, improvements in the interior, individuals volunteering helping with the gallery, and support from family and friends. 

The gallery is filled with mood elevating, inspiring, and uplifting artwork. The gallery also provides a lot of fun in the form of Paint and Sips, as well as Artist ran Workshops! Ethan’s Gallery and Studio loves spreading a joyful mood in Olde town Arvada, now for almost five years! 

Sitting at 40+ Artists, we are always happy to take in more as we rotate artists. 

A big thanks to everyone for their continued support, and looking forward to spreading the joy for many more years to come!

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